Nintendo 64 Body Harvest

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Nintendo 64 Body Harvest

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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Game
Body Harvest


Body Harvest is an action-adventure video game,In Body Harvest, players assume the role of a genetically engineered soldier, Adam Drake, who must investigate and eliminate an alien attack force that has returned once every 25 years to "harvest" the human population of Earth for their organic material. Being in possession of a time travel device, Drake must return to the past and do battle in five areas over a 100-year period that covers World War I-era GreeceJava in the 1940s, the United States in the 1960s, Siberia in the 1990s, and the near future. The game is non-linear, as players can go anywhere and do anything within the limits of the game's boundaries

Each level in Body Harvest requires the player to stop the aliens from slaughtering everyone in the shield area. The player will navigate the map, often coming across towns where aliens will teleport in to attack the town and harvest civilians. Aliens will also warp in frequently to attack the player and can appear from the land, air or sea. Generally, gameplay consists of completing a series of missions. Many of these are very basic, e.g. reach a certain area, but others can be more complicated and require careful thought and skill. Once the player completes a mission they are prompted to check the map to find out what the next mission is.
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