Nintendo 64 Snowboard Kids


Nintendo 64 Snowboard Kids

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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Game
Snowboard Kids

In addition to the usual gameplay of a snowboarding game, Snowboard Kids adds "Shots" (special weapons used to attack players) and items which can help the player, hinder other players, or both.

The game has nine main courses. Although many of the courses are snowy mountains, some are courses that would be unorthodox for snowboarding in the real world. Such courses include an amusement park, a desert, a vast valley, a dark highway, and a Japanese village during the cherry blossom festival. Each track has a unique shape, containing various obstacles, hazards, and short-cuts.

Snowboard Kids features six playable characters: Slash, Nancy, Jam, Linda, Tommy, and Shinobin, the last being the only unlockable character in the game, becoming available after the player completes all nine tracks. The characters have three aspects which affect their racing style: speed, which determines the straight line speed of the character; corner, which determines how quickly the character is able to turn; and trick, which determines the hangtime characters get while jumping, allowing for tricks to be executed to earn the player coins.

There are two item slots, allowing each player to carry a shooting item and support item (such as a rock, or invisibility) at the same time. Players are required to pay 100 gold in order to collect an item during a race. Gold can be obtained either through performing tricks or collecting coins scattered across the course. All courses also require players to race down the hill for multiple laps. At the bottom of the hill, the player needs to pass through the lift gate to be transported back to the top of the hill, and cannot be attacked by other players in this transition.

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