Super Nintendo Kirby’s Dream Course


Super Nintendo Kirby’s Dream Course

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Super Nintendo Cartridge Game 
Kirby’s Dream Course
Kirby's Dream Course is a miniature golf video game developed jointly by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. It is one of four Kirby video games released for the console.

Kirby's Dream Course is a golf video game which is viewed from an isometric perspective. Instead of a ball, the player tries to hit Kirby around the course and into the hole at the end. Players must set the power, angle, and spin to connect with various enemies found throughout the levels. Once only one enemy remains, that enemy will transform into the hole. The different abilities that Kirby can obtain from many of the enemies make up a large part of the game, often being required for completion of a hole. These abilities include Kirby turning into a tornado (that can be steered), a sparkly ball (that can destroy certain obstacles), and a UFO (which allows Kirby to float and move at will for a short time). Other abilities include Kirby being able to slow down / float with a parasol, as well as stop completely as a stone, which will slide down slopes, or a porcupine, which will stay put.

The game has eight single-player courses, with eight holes on each. There is a high score board for each level, with medals to be won on each of them. The player can unlock extra features (such as alternative versions of the courses) by winning the medals. There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals to be won, which are awarded to Kirby at the end of the course. There are also four two-player courses (again with eight holes). The final hole is listed as "Dedede" and features King Dedede in a large machine that continually moves toward Kirby while deploying smaller versions of himself as the final boss.

Kirby loses one of his health points (represented as a tomato icon in single-player, and a square with rounded edges in two-player mode) every time he makes a shot or gets hit by an enemy or an obstacle, and gains one every time he hits an enemy or lands in a hole. In the two-player mode, two health points are awarded for landing in the hole first, and two health points can also be lost if one player's Kirby is "attacked" by the other player's by using an ability (such as the tornado or the stone). In the single-player mode, Kirby loses one life when all his health points are gone or fall off the stage and when he runs out of lives, the game will end. Afterwards, the player can either continue from the beginning of the course or exit it. In the two-player mode, the loss of all health points causes that player to miss a turn, as their Kirby falls asleep. This is referred to colloquially as a 'cake nap' because the animation often depicts Kirby dreaming of a slice of cake with a cherry on top. These nap animations also include a wrapped candy and an ice cream cone.

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